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These days, everyone is talking about the high cost of drugs, especially after the introduction of Senator Bernie Sanders’ new legislation to allow the importation of drugs from Canada.

The common theme that underlies any discussion of importing daily prescription medication from Canada is safety.

Indeed, you will find “safe and affordable” as the most common phrase on our web site. Yet, Big Pharma is trying to convince the American public that we have different definitions of safety. Wrong.

Over the last 15 years, millions of Americans have imported their daily prescription medications from Canada.

Why? Because they know that they can get the same medication from Canada at prices they can afford. Period.

Here are 5 facts that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know:

  1. Canada sources its medications from the same manufacturers and same plants as the U.S., this means that there is no difference in the quality of prescription drugs sold in the U.S. compared to Canada.

  2. The regulatory system in Canada is equivalent to the regulatory system in the U.S.;

  3. Licensed, legitimate pharmacies dispense medications directly from Canada;

  4. The supply chain, which describes the system that moves prescription drugs from manufacturer to pharmacy to end user, is just as safe in Canada as it is in the U.S.; and

  5. Licensed, legitimate pharmacies in Canada do not sell controlled substances, narcotics or products containing pseudeophedrine.

Here’s something else they don’t want you to know – The high price of brand name drugs in the U.S. has created a serious health crisis and is a significant burden for the elderly and others on fixed incomes.

As lawmakers struggle to address the issue of high drug prices, facing intense resistance from the pharmaceutical manufacturers, allowing personal prescription importation from Canada is the simplest, most immediate solution to provide Americans with reasonable access to safe, affordable prescription medications.

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