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In recent weeks, an astonishing number of states have taken up the fight against #BigPharma to lower prescription drug prices. In fact, two-thirds of states are currently considering proposals that would make medications more affordable, and many of these states are looking at personal prescription importation from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada as one possible solution.

According to the National Academy for State Health Policy, a whopping 87 bills in 34 states are looking at ways to save money on #pharmaceuticals and the number is growing everyday.

Why is this happening now? While each state may have slightly different reasons, the overarching dynamic is that nothing is being done at the federal level and these states have decided that something must be done. WE AGREE!

While numerous leaders have proposed legislation, nothing seems to ever move forward. Policy experts can speculate as to why nothing has moved forward, but the reality is that #BigPharma spent more than $277 million on lobbying Congress last year alone, according to Open Secrets. They employed 1,480 lobbyists to ensure that their financial interests are protected and business and continues as usual, which means prices stay high and no one can stop them from increasing prices at-will.

What does this mean for American consumers? You deal with the reality of what this means everyday – either having to make tough choices between affording drugs and another necessities such as rent or gas for your call, or ordering from licensed, legitimate online pharmacies in Canada.

That is why we are here, and we urge you to fight with us to make sure that our elected officials know that this is no longer acceptable.

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