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Washington, DC – The Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) released the below statement following President Donald J. Trump’s signing of an executive order giving Americans access to personally import safe and affordable medicines from abroad.

“Americans’ need for affordable prescription drugs has never been greater then it is right now amid the Coronavirus pandemic. President Trump’s executive order rightly opens the door for Americans’ to access safe prescription drugs through accredited Canadian pharmacies. This guarantees American access to medicines at a fraction of the price that consumers pay for the same medicines in the U.S.,” said Jack Pfeiffer, executive director of the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation.

“While federal legislation has been evasive, for years millions of Americans have turned to personal prescription importation from licensed Canadian pharmacies as U.S. prices soared.”

Savings Behind Personal Prescription Importation from Online Canadian Pharmacies

A CPPI Personal Prescription Importation Survey released July 13, 2020, highlights the incredible savings that Americans can access through personal prescription importation:

  • $109,424,575 estimated 2020 savings of the CPPI community, January through July

  • $245 average monthly savings on prescription drugs from online Canadian pharmacies

  • $648 average monthly savings for people who spend more than $300 on prescriptions

  • 63% save over $100/month ordering from online Canadian pharmacies

  • 98% would recommend personal prescription importation from online Canadian pharmacies

  • 50-90% savings per drug evidenced in U.S. versus Canadian cost comparison

Taking Advantage of Personal Prescription Importation Savings

Over 2.4 million Americans have been importing prescription drugs from foreign countries for years. The new Executive Order, further eases restrictions and clarifies the U.S. government’s support for the practice of personal prescription importation. Americans do not need to wait to take advantage of the incredible savings, they can take these easy steps now:

  • Contact your doctor for a written medical prescription

  • Choose a safe and licensed online pharmacy like those certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

  • Find and purchase your product

  • Upload or send your prescription

  • Receive your medication delivered safely to your residence.

About the Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation

The Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI) is a national nonprofit patient advocacy organization that fights for Americans’ access to safe, affordable prescription medications from Canada for personal use. Tens of millions of Americans – especially the elderly and others on fixed incomes – struggle to pay the extremely high price of prescription medications in the U.S. We are here to be their voice.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans use licensed Canadian pharmacies annually, to purchase their daily prescription medications at an affordable price. We believe that all Americans have a right to affordable medications.

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