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Many months ago, the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report that talked bout the serious issue of rogue online pharmacies.

Some of the stuff in the report was on point – and here at CPPI we take the idea of rogues very seriously. But opponents of personal prescription importation would have you believe that anything that doesn’t come from a certain certification program is dangerous. Oddly enough, this same certification program is funded by pharma.

Rogues do exist. There’s no question. Bad actors exist in every industry across the globe.

So how do you tell who is trying to help vs. who is only looking to harm you? There are some great rules of the road from the folks at CIPA, an association of licensed retail Canadian pharmacies who have served over 10 million Americans since CIPA was founded in 2002.

  • Rogues won’t ask for a valid prescription.

  • Rogues will sell nearly any drug – or what they claim is a drug.

  • Rogues won’t ask for personal health history.

  • Rogues don’t have licensed pharmacists on staff to consult with patients.

  • Rogues are fly-by-night; you won’t ever be able to get a physical location or phone number.

  • Rogues aren’t interested in helping you.

We know opponents to personal prescription importation merely want to protect their profits. Instead of working with organizations like CIPA, they want to end Americans’ right to accessing safe, affordable health maintenance drugs from Canada. It’s time to loosen pharma’s grip on drug prices.

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