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Occasionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seizes packages at the border primarily in an attempt to stop illegal and illicit drugs coming into the country although at times, the packages contain safe medications that were ordered by Americans seeking affordable options to the exorbitant prices in the U.S.

This article in Tarbell highlights the increase in seizures linked to new efforts to block prohibited opiate deliveries.

These seizures can make it hard for Americans seeking low-cost alternatives, as well as people who need medications that are not even available in the U.S.

In the article, FDA spokesperson Lyndsay Meyer makes it clear that people who have packages seized at the border do not need to worry about any further action taken against them. “The FDA does not and would not prosecute an individual for buying medicines online for their personal use,” she said. “The product would be refused and no additional action would be taken against the individual.”

If you do not receive a package, it is best to contact the company that you ordered it from directly and ask them to ship another order out to you.

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