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Last week we asked you to help us bring attention to the issue of personal prescription importation and the right of Americans to import safe, affordable prescription medications from Canada, and boy did you answer the call. Tens of thousands of Americans voiced their support, making our voices heard when it comes to high drug prices and the need for immediate relief.

Taking part in the Open Debate Coalition’s Open Debate forum, we – along with fellow patient advocacy groups and businesses working to increase access to safe, affordable medications – petitioned debate moderators to ask presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if they will provide immediate relief on high drug prices by supporting access to safe, affordable prescription medications imported from credentialed international pharmacies.

Within 48 hours, thousands of supporters voted to have this question asked at the debate and reacted on Twitter and Facebook, yet again demonstrating strong public support for importation of prescription medications from credentialed, trusted international pharmacies. Indeed, our national survey found 65% of Americans support prescription importation as a measure to lower drug prices, and a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found 71% of Americans support it.

More than 15,800 questions were posted to the forum for the second debate. Questions regarding what candidates will do to address high drug prices in the U.S., including our question on personal prescription importation, garnered nearly 20,000 votes. Both candidates have expressed support for prescription importation from Canada, which we applaud. But with 35 million Americans forced to forgo prescribed medications or split doses because they cannot afford their prescriptions, this issue should be at the forefront of Congressional and presidential campaign discussions on healthcare!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our #RxAccess and #RxImportation discussion on social media, and who voted at the Open Debate Coalition forum. With a debate almost devoid of actual policy discussion, candidates were not asked about high drug prices on Sunday. But we know that if we continue to make our voices heard, together we can make a difference. We urge you to continue using these hashtags on social media. Let’s keep the conversation going in advance of the October 19 debate, moderated by Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace.

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