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Today, Roger Bate of the American Enterprise Institute wrote about several discrete studies buying medicines online for nearly a decade.

The results of his studies show that credentialed online pharmacies sell safe medicines, regardless of whether they come from the US or overseas.

Overall, he purchased 807 medicine samples. Among the 275 samples bought from non-US credentialed pharmacies, he found no fakes and only one substandard medication. Compared to the 127 samples purchased from credentialed US pharmacies, he found no fakes and also one substandard medication. Despite this compelling safety data and the reality that millions of Americans have been purchasing personal prescriptions from credentialed online pharmacies for more than a decade, safety remains a key reason for opposing personal prescription importation. As Bate writes, “With the current turmoil in health politics, advancing access through credentialed pharmacies is stalled. Essentially, the medical and economic literature broadly accepts that credentialed pharmacies are safe, but politically this is irrelevant.”

Check out the full AEI blog post here:

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